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  • Baythan, I recently purchased your old Typhoon 1237 off of BaT. Would love to know more about it's history and gather any pictures you might have. Looks like you haven't been too active lately but hopefully this finds you well.
    I have been a member for many years but sold my Typhoon a number of years ago. Been an enginneer
    on many factory GM race cars for years and have had access to many in the GM community. I would
    like a exception to the 25 post rule cause I have an unique item for sale and want SYTY people to have first choice rather than ebay. GM had a drag race promo with Don Garlits that involved white Sy's .
    I have some backup parts from that program. A complete GM made hot rod harness and ecm to allow a SYTY engine in a hot rod and a 3 bar chip. ALso have from original GM supplier a door and windshied TY banners. Thanks

    Darius here. I am a forum member but post very seldom. Tried posting today and apparently it went somewhere but I don't know where. It is a question about modified torsion bar cross members. Not sure it is posted in the correct place. Please advise,
    it was my reply to hood that should have been left as now it looks like i didn't have a chance to respond & explain the difference in the community not being represented as a business, i guess i can live with it. i have always been a believer is public discussions staying pulic, thanks for your time though.
    The final point was repeated and belabored. And was submitted at the time of lock. The rest of the conversation (including your salient points) are all there.
    Hi Steve,

    This is Kevin out in San Diego. I am the guy with the Sy that has 958 miles currently on her and a 1991 VW GTi with 21k miles. You had expressed some interest in my Sy a couple months back. I may in fact need to sell her. My wife and I are going to have our second child and it might be time to get rid of the family "unfriendly" vehicles. I do REALLY love Norma (what I have named my Sy). She runs perfectly. I was interested to know if you are indeed a possibly buyer for her? I have not posted her on the forum as of yet. I wanted to let a couple people know that I might sell her that showed interest before posting a new thread for sale. She is all stock aside from all new maintenance items i.e. spark plugs (NGK UR6 from Hood), cap and rotor (MSD brass from Hood), wires (Taylor 8mm black from Hood), oil (Mobil 1 Full Synthetic 10W-30), oil filter (Mobil 1), tranny fluid (Dex/Merc III with LubeGard Red Bottle), front and rear gear oil (Lucas 80W-90), tranny filter (WIX from Hood), fuel filter (WIX from Hood) coolant (50/50 Prestone with water wetter), and intercooler coolant. Everything was done by a friend of mine who runs Stray Dog garage out here. I also had the heater core replaced because the stock one went bad. A bit of coolant leaked out but I was able to wipe it up before it soaked into the carpet or floor mats - which are the carpeted 92 Syclone ones. She is as new a Syclone you can find. She even has the original tires that hold 35 pounds. There is no leaks at all too. As far a price goes, I have $25K into her with purchasing, shipping, taxes and registration and all of the maintenance items performed. I know I will not get back everything, but I would like to get $21K for her. I feel that is a reasonable price due to the fact she is in such good shape and probably the lowest mile or one of the lowest miles Sy's left. I also have a bunch of Sy related items that go with her. I have a book that has an OEM brochure, window sticker, 1991 newspaper ad, a 40x60 Cracker Barrel poster ad, two Sy baseball cards, both set of keys with the dealer badges and a few other things. Sorry for the long read. I will stop babbling now. When you can, let me know if you are interested. I will wait to hear from you before I create a new post. Ask me any questions you like. Hope all is well.

    Take care, Kevin
    Have any calendars left? Please don't respond back to this email. Looking to get gift for hubby. Call 810-252-5964
    I've got 15 available. I can set 2 aside for you if you want and you can pay me at the show. I never knew about this message!
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