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  • Wondering is anyone on the forum has notched or “C” channeled their torsion bar cross member support?

    I’ve been a long time member here but do not own a Sy or Ty but as was noted in my introductory posting 8 years ago I am linked to those AWD vehicles by my use of an S10 frame under a long-term hotrod project car.

    My 1985 S10 4X4, long bed, standard cab frame now sits under a 1950 Studebaker Champion 4 door. The engine is a freshly rebuilt 500 cubic inch Cadillac that at .060 over yields 512 CID. Power adders are two Garrett 3782 VNT mid-mounted turbochargers. The engine will utilize an NOS AirSensors throttle body fuel injection system (I was an installing dealer back when) to portion out the E85.

    The problem is: my engine is obviously longer than the 4.3 Liter V6 and the 4L80E transmission is longer than your stock 700R4. The engine is also setback 4 inches into the firewall which all together means the NVG149 transfer case must find a home behind the torsion bar support cross member. That location causes a clearance problem for the front prop-shaft. That’s why my question about a notched or “C” channeled support.

    I am very aware of the coil-over conversions that some have undertaken but there are problems (other than cost) in going that route. Notably the wisdom of trusting the weight of this vehicle to the limited support of the lower shock mounts – even if those A-arms were to be boxed.

    Another option would be to build a big hump in the rear seat floor pan to place the T-case high enough that the front prop-shaft will clear the cross member.

    Your input would be appreciated.

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