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  • On a recent WTB ad you said that aluminum blocks can still be purchased as well as heads. Where can these aluminum blocks be purchased?
    I am shipping today. Something is up with my account I can not get messages. Sorry for dropping a visitor message.
    Have you shipped the gauge cluster yet? It's been 2 weeks since I completed payment. If it did ship, do you have tracking info or the day you shipped?
    Still have the black KB a2a? If so is that meant for a stock setup I assume? Would you take $450 shipped to 55412?

    sent you papal money july 22, what happened to the steering shaft. any delivery company would have delivered by now?

    do you know if these steering shafts will work on a 93 full size chevy pickup. I'm rebuilding an old truck to become a nice tow vehicle. If it fits I would like one of these shafts.
    Please let me know
    Ed Hess
    856 761 5879 call or pm here.
    I would like a Set of 30lb injectors if you have any left plus will they work with a Completely stock truck
    Ross Zahara
    just wondering if u have any modded astro shafts left? if so can u get me price shipped to 67801? thanx, Mike
    Is it possible to get the Mark Williams to write a lower amount/value on the label just so i can save som money on tax?
    Its to be sent to Norway by jetcarrier in NJ. In Norway its 25% tax on the value....

    Kjetil Haugland
    Hey Aaron, I have one of the lsd reserved. I have changed my mind and I am not going to need it anymore. I was wanting to offer the opportunity to any of the people that have shown interest since the GP to buy me out. I didn't know if it would cause you any issues if I had someone reimburse me my deposit and then notified you to give them the reserve. Thanks for all that you do for the group. Sy487
    Your PM box is full, so I figured I would post it here.

    I will definitely keep that in mind. I actually just bought the 50# Ultimate for the next step I take...I already have an Ultimate for a stock setup. Would you be able to refurbish me one for 50# injectors with either the L35, or Vortec heads? That would be my next step after I move to the 50#er. Thanks.

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