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    Cool interaction today with a stranger

    I was sitting in my local cigar shop today smoking in the back and the only other person in the lounge was a total stranger. I introduced myself and we got to talking about cars. He told me that he had a '71 Dodge Swinger. He asked me if I had a project car so I said "you probably have never...
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    Syclone Crate Motor

    Indeed, that is super cool! Thanks for sharing.
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    Josh's Syclone build thread

    Yes sir! Been years in the making.
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    Josh's Syclone build thread

    Put the truck on the dyno today at chadata tuning just to make a few pulls. It was a mustang dyno so the numbers were a little low but at least it didn't spit parts out.
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    Widow garage

    I'm sorry to hear about your loss, Jill. It's a beautiful truck. What are your plans for it? To sell as well?
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    Captive Syclone Spotted.

    August 6th, 2022. Carlisle, PA. I have never been but I have heard it's a hoot.
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    Captive Syclone Spotted.

    I would think that would be a very rare thing outside of the annual syty get spot a Sy while driving your Sy. Very cool!
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    Josh's Syclone build thread

    The local drag strip in my area is closing so i bought a race box to test the 1/4 mile time on the Sy. It's a pretty neat device. With 3 bars of gps signal its supposedly accurate to within 20 inches. I ran the truck tonight in a desolate area outside of town and did the same 5 pound launch on...
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    Diamond Motor Works trying to pass off a repaint as all original.

    Buyer beware lol. That cladding has been painted and god knows what else. Asking $61,000
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    Josh's Syclone build thread

    Thanks guys, I appreciate it. It has been a long road for sure.
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    Josh's Syclone build thread

    Just a quick update: The truck has successfully been converted to E85. I have been tuning it myself as I have found the turbo tweak to be pretty easy to work with. I am able to make some adjustments with a pocket screwdriver on the chip itself and the rest I have been doing with the gas pedal as...
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    New from Michigan, Syclone #2608

    That sucker is clean!
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    180° tstat

    I'm running the motor rad 2000-180 hi po thermostat. No issues so far. Although I'm a little new to the syty scene. Maybe one of the old timers can chime in and recommend something.