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  • Hi!
    Have you shipped dutchtys hood yet?Cause if its possible we want to ship our hoods together to save shipping costs.Maybe there will be four hoods to ship via dutchty.
    hi Nick Its Jerry from PR.long time... Still have SY parts can send me your cel # mine its 787-365-7664 thanks....
    Nick, What do you have left for cladding? can you send me a list and price you are asking.
    Jeff I will do that, but I looked yesterday and the only rust on the cab is the windshield a pillar, and it's not that bad. Underneath is perfect along the rockers and the cab corner. Adio has offered me $1850 for just the truck rolling chassis with no bed if I can get a title. I updated and added more pics to the photobucket album. I need an offer ASAP if you want the package otherwise I am going to sell the Sy to ADIO and part out all the rest.

    Let me know, Call me somehow because we are going to be on the boat all day.
    850 642-7433
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