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    Flexplate bolt part #?

    Nope, totally agree, $30 per bolt is ridiculous. Didn't even notice the price was for an individual bolt.
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    Flexplate bolt part #?

    I wish the part was pictured, because I don't always trust Wholesale GM parts, but here is a link to the 5.0, 5.7, and 4.3 "OEM" flywheel bolt. They also indicate that it fits the Typhoon. I don't want to assume the Typhoon and Syclone have the exact same flywheel bolt. Lol. But I'm assuming...
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    1992 owners manual? There is an image of the 1992 leatherback manual on this website.
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    Coolant leak/weep

    That sounds similar to an issue I was having, after I replaced my thermostat gasket. Your problem may not be the same, but I would check this. When you're pushing the upper radiator hose down onto the metallic inlet, there is an indent that will indicate where the face of the hose should sit. I...
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    Turbocharger Drain tube screw size?

    Hey guys, was finally getting the Turbocharger completely re-installed into my Truck when I noticed the two screws that I labeled as the turbo drain tube screws, were two different lengths. I don't believe they should be, but did not want to assume that its wrong without checking first. I hadn't...
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    Josh's Syclone build thread

    Gosh, the Launch in your video is so satisfying to me. You can hear how smooth the truck is at WOT. Once you get these guys dialed in, it sure is worth it tenfold. Great job!
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    180° tstat

    Installed a thermostat from MotoRad Part number 5200-18045358. Although my truck is down currently, its not in relation to this thermostat, (Turbocharger) and I hadn't had an issue with it while dailying the Sy.
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    Engine Removal

    Cant Wait for the Update! Get well soon!
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    *SOLD* Syclone #0259 for sale as project car or parts donor

    Were you able to come up with the price you'd like to advertise it for?
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    4.3 Lv3 engine needs rebuild

    If you're able to, can you post some images of the Engine? How much are you looking to get for it? How many miles are on it?
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    Idle Air Control confusion please help

    Hey Ruddell, The clicking you hear upon turning the key to the on position (not start) is most likely the IAC attempting to close, when it is already in the closed position. That faint clicking sound is the IAC working against itself to close. I highly suggest reading this post by the user...
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    Banks Power video

    Not sure if this video was posted here before, if someone requests it, I will remove it from this section. There is also some very good history in the description.
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    Syclone 4.3 long block/Vortec heads/Intake for sale on OfferUp

    I purchased the Engine, Engine ID on the rear drivers side links back to Sy #2053. Not sure if anyone knows the owner of #2053, but, pretty sweet to have another Sy engine in the garage!
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    Intercooler bracket questions

    Is that by chance with the stock map sensor? If you're getting 14.7/14.8 I thought that that is the correct limit of detectable boost that your gauge should be reading?