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  • Hello, I am considering purchasing a GMC Typhoon in California. The seller says it has a "JWaller stage one, 60lb injectors, 255 aeromotive turbo tweak chip scanmaster". Could you please educate me on the Stage 1 portion of this? Thanks in advance for your time!
    Hello I was told you might be able to help me with my turbo . I'm looking to do a 20g conversion or sould I just buy another turbo .any help,service advise would b greatly appreciated thanks
    I do not have a source for those directly but they can be made by griffen as they have done them in the past
    Yes I do continue to make them. Cost is now $650 and there is about a 3 week lead time.
    Mr. Waller

    I believe that my mechanic has used you for the purchase of my current chip set. I posted a problem that I am having and received no responses. I just remembered your name and was hoping that you can help me. I posted the following:

    While driving today the glass covering of my chip display fell off. While putting it back on lining up the two holes for the buttons, somehow the chip locked at T1F5. I tried to change the setting to no avail. When I shut down the engine and restarted, the chip setting jumped (this happens sometimes) to T2F6 - way too much timing and fuel.

    When I press both buttons simultaneously, four X's appear and then the word "LOCKD" and then the word "Key?" I do not have a key, nor have I ever programmed a key on this system. Is there anyway to access the chip settings so I can change the timing and fuel etc.?
    HI Iam in SC and wanted to know if you do any tuning,pleasr let me know I would like to get my TY running right thanks Randy.
    I have brodix heads, hogan intake and alum block. it's 3k lbs wet with full cage and fully spooled front and rear. although I did run the 10.76 with vortec's and stock block.
    Hey whats up? I bought some heads from you its been a minute, thanks they are still cool. Just saw you were on line.
    john i have a stock ty which has the ugly intercooler i seen in a video a black one i was told you have them? can i run it with a stock turbo?
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