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  • Hello fello Missourian!
    I'm near Imperial, just south of St. Louis.
    Where are you in the St. Louis area?
    I'm plan to get my Sy inspected today.
    Can't wait to get plates on it.
    Have a good one,
    Hello fellow Stormers,Newbie I have a 93 TY blk/blk number 704. I have it going on 4 yrs. Has 70,000 on it. Just recently my shift cable snapped and well you know the cable is no longer available through GM. I found out there was a recall on this part back in 93. But this no good to me. I just want to get mine fixed, Dorman sells one, but from reading all threads have found out that they're no good neither. Plus they're on back order for 3 mos.So where can I get a heavy duty cable from?
    Jason - we are having a car show at my work (JML Audio) on the 26th of April. We are located at 270 & 44 on Rudder Rd. It would be cool if you and some of the locals could make it out.

    If you need to get ahold ofme, my cell is 314-520-4340

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