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    Emailing about the 5953 Bell techs. I have them, but I am having a hell of a time getting the rear in the shackles. Do you remember how you got the rear of the leafs into the shackle?
    I was just going to post an update to that thread...
    It's been a while since I did it, but I remember it was a bitch to get them in there. Mount up the end toward the front of the truck first and then get the u-bolts on. Don't tighten them all the way up though. You're using them to basically hold the spring up and in place as much as possible. I used a pry bar to pull the shackle down, and then laying on my back i used my knee to push the spring up into the shackle. The shackle might be pretty tight to get the spring to go right in there so you might need a small 5lb sledge to hammer that thing in there.

    Honestly, though... If you're still in the return window for the springs, send them back and just get 2 or 3" blocks for the stock leafs. After a few months of driving and breaking them in with brand new viking shocks adjusted every which possible way... the ride is just shit. It's either nice on the highways and crap at lower speeds around town, or vice versa. And when I say the ride is shit, it's just not a smooth or comfortable ride, it's harsh bouncing over every uneven part of the road... think back to the early 2000s when you'd see the ricers with cut springs and the whole body of the car bouncing around over every bump. If you adjust the shocks it gets better and a little smoother on the freeways, but when you get off the freeway, you're bottoming out over speed bumps, dips, shopping center driveways etc... It could just be me and my truck, I don't know, but I'm ripping these leafs out and throwing them in the garbage first chance I get. Another annoying thing is I have the Suspension Techniques sway bar (also Belltech), and the ends of the sway bar hit the leaf springs, so it sounds all clunky like something is loose or broken under the truck. I'll take pics and update the thread when I get a chance... but it might not be for another week or so.

    Unfortunately, I'm screwed because my old roommate threw out my stock springs. So I either have to go with the JSM rear coilovers, or keep these shit leafs and try an air ride set up which might only make a slight improvement.

    If you can't return them, put em in and give them a shot and let me know what you think... It could just be my set up, and I have something wrong with mine (which wouldn't surprise me).

    Good luck!
    Hey Neal, it's me Trey. Give me your # again. I lost it. Look forward to seeing the truck over the 4th weekend.
    hahaha nope, but believe me i did look for that one. the closest i could get was my Typhoon which is #627 hehe
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