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  • I sent you a visitors message earlier with my phone #. I went to the privacy settings and adjusted who could see the notifications to maybe temp work around since you have PM box issues. Let me know if you didn't get it.
    Didn't get it. Send me a email it's GMCSY678@GMAIL.COM. this sites funny anymore.
    the tach quit working a couple of weeks before this hiccup, but thx for reply, ive gotta new icm coming
    Probably the issue. Don't cheap out. Buy OE parts. Anything else is junk, and will certainly be stranded left scratching head wondering why.

    Typically the tach would bounce when you crank or the. It over. Not sure any other reason why it would stop..? Check the wires to the coil. Some times with intercooler hoses mess up the top connector and wires . I had a black and silver 1992 typhoon like your little profile photo. Also a 1991 syclone.
    I just wrote a long response and couldn't send me 585-355-4253 and I will try to answer all your questions. Very happy with how my truck turned out,

    Joe i just went and double checked its 1601 not 1061 im such a retard. Thanks for giving me a heads up the syty community is great. Steve
    I bought it from a former member named Kevin in i beleive mechanicsburg pa.
    Do u still have cladding on pass side before the rear wheel ? And how much shippped to 77012 in Houston tx
    Hey man, sorry. I still have the part. I am going to wrench fest in Pa. Next weekend. I can prolly get it to you in person and save shipping. $100.00 . Discount for being hard to get in touch with.
    Let me know. Cell 978-337-7419.
    Hello, I tried to message you. Can you empty out some of your PM's? I will sell you the cross member
    it is for a Typhoon and it is for an 80E. Let me know and I can send you some pictures to your E-mail.
    Off course I would need your E-mail address. Thanks
    Jeff (neelsonwheels)
    This turbo bolts directly to the facory downpipe so there are no modifications. Actually you only need an actuator and a Cobra intake and air filter. Get them from RPM.
    The turbo blew due to oil starvation, which was due to the fact I had a clogged oil supply line, so please change your old oil line with a new one. I ended up buying a remote oil supply filter kit from RPM for 90 bucks after I bought another turbo. If you really want it I will give you the turbo for 250 plus 20 Shipping, thats a really good deal. Then you can rebuild it when you have time. Text me at the number in the original post. By the way its a damn good looking turbo.
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