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  • Planning to move to Ft.Lauderdale. What is the exact date for the reunion in Florida. heard might move to Homestead in February 7-9.My e-mail
    the parts is the bumper ,cover bumper,driver fender,and to hook the bumper the body shop know the parts are expensive and they pay for the parts i know thath is like 2,000 or more in parts brand new
    yes is my insure not my it the person who hit me im not good with my inglish sorry but the isure pay for the parts not me
    Hello, put me down for a stock black vac kit next time you take orders. thanks
    So did you take a ride on that ho bag when she was in town or did you just spend your time editing my vistor messages?
    Redoing vacuum harness. Are kits still available ? No paypal account. I can american express the payment or money order. Need typhoon kit asap.
    if that chip burner will burn chips for a syty, i'll take it. sorry for my ignorance on these items. gonna have to start tuning here shortly. thanks
    If this will burn chips for a syty, like for a code 59 setup then I'll take it for 50.00 shipped
    Well, as far as price goes, am firm on the $6900. Unless you don't want both sets of wheels. I did raise the price now that the other black one is not up for sale and I polished up the cladding and paint. It looks alot better. As far as issues, I am getting an engine light on when on start up and engine is cold. It goes away pretty quickly. I was told it had a lean issue when I bought it that only happened once in awhile. I put a new Alternator in because the old one was bad. Then just been watching it and replacing lil things as I see fit. It could use new vac. lines, I checked a few plugs and it appears to be running right on, going buy the plugs. I have the boost turned down to 12 psi. (mbc) other than that its awesome. Im sure the cap and rotor going to need replacement. I almost pulled it out last night to check.
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