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  • Hello Mike (Hood),

    My name is Pete Schlay up here in Nova Scotia Canada.
    Mike, I have a 1994 S-10 Blazer that I've done some 'conversion' work on to create a "What-If" Oldsmobile 2-door SUV using many Olds Bravada exterior cladding, bumper covers and numerous other details.

    My multi-question to you Mike is regarding my factory original 1994 S-10 4.3L CPI "W" motor, 4L60 trans, and corporate 7.5" 3.42:1 ratio rear differential:

    Part 1. I changed out the corporate 7.5" 3.42:1 geared rear differential housing and in its place I reinstalled a "Mexican" Dana-44 with 3.73:1 gears.
    Part 2. I installed ZQ8 8"x16" aluminum wheels with 235/55-16" BF Goodrich Terrain T/A tires.
    Part 3. My Blazer ("Tornado") has the 14-pin VSSB (not the 7-pin DRAC like in the SYTY's) so I must recalibrate my VSSB.

    My calculations (TBI Chips website) using 3.73 gear, and 235/55-16 tires gives me an Input Ratio of 0.898507 and after checking the Table I came up with a "Jumper" pin sequence that appears like: 1-0-0-1-0-0-1

    Do you still install DIP Switches on DRAC & VSSB boards?
    What would you suggest I do with my 14-pin VSSB Board to recalibrate my setup with 3.73:1 gears and 235/55-16" tires?

    Thank you Mike.

    Pete Schlay "9194 Tornado" on STYT.NET website.
    Hey Mike, I placed an order for shirts on 05/02 order #95. If it's not too late could I get the syclone outline on the front instead of just "syclone"? Thanks, John.
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