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  • shawn i also may need doors,did you find the other stuff.do you still want to trade trucks you need more stuff to do.
    Hey- the solid mounts... are they the moroso mounts, that attach to the motor? I've already got the jsm frame pads... just looking for mounts. (if so, I'll take them)
    I'm trying to get rid of the ECU I bought from you a while back for my typhoon. It turned out to not be my problem so I'm selling but it I've gotten a few responses that the GM part # that you sold me doesn't match the part number for a typhoon/syclone ECU. just wondering if you remember and can offer any insight. -Matt
    Just realized you sent the message this way. Do you have a paypal at all? I will tack on for fees. let me know Jim
    sorry very late reply, i couldn't find the message since the board was upgraded... anyway I'll ask my friend in States to bollow his address. btw - can you send some pics of the hitch? Thanks
    t-bone im gonna have to pass its a bit more than i was looking to spend but thanks anyways
    You can just send a postal MO to Shaun Trescott, 801 S. Liberty Church Road, Clarksville, TN 37042 and specify what items it is for.
    Hey shaun I sent the money. Let me know when you recieve it. Also I was wondering if you have bumper cover support that the bumper cover mounts to because I took off my foglights and broke 1 mounting bolt. If not that is cool. But if you do how much.

    Got the ECU in, thanks for the quick shipment. I hooked it up and it didn't solve my problem but at least now I know I can eliminate one more thing. I swear these trucks will just never run right moded... Thanks again! -Matt
    Didnt see this, I replied in the post.

    I will take the interior kick panels and the carpet retainers.
    Let me know how much shipping will be and were to send the money.

    This is my work address
    Mega Rentals Inc
    Dave Van Hulst
    16875 W Cleveland Ave
    New Berlin Wi 53151

    Also you accidently put me on the list for the door panel just an fyi

    Talk to you later!
    thats for the whole carpet right?...i really only need the back part i have no intentions of taking out the whole thing...its seperate from the front or its all together?
    Hey Matt. No problems here....will ship this out in the morning. You should get an automated delivery confirmation notification from the USPS shortly.
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