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  • This is the exact issue I'm having.

    "What would cause a relay to make clicking noises randomly? The furthest right relay above the brake booster is now clicking randomly and something in the throttle body area is making noise. What relay is it, and why would it click??? It seems like it will click one and the truck will start, and it clicks again and it shuts off."
    Hello there. You posted below awhile back. I'm having the same issue. How did you resolve the issue? Thanks in advance! Adam

    Truck wont start. Need HELP UPDATED!!!!! OK, so I wen to my mechanic today to pick up my truck, ( he did a front end rebuild, pitman arm etc.) So i start the TY, eveything is fine, idleing fine. He is a firend of my parents so we are talking for about 10 minutes and then it shuts off, no sputtering, just quit. We screw around with things, fuel pressure is good, plenty of spark, but the injectors are not pulsing (checked with a test light).
    Now my mechanic was just diagnosed with lymphoma and is getting chemo, so I didnt want him to have to work too hard so we didnt push it on the lift. After screwing around for a while, it starts fine. I bite the bullet and try to drive to my parents, about 15 minutes away. I make it fine, no problems at all. About an hour later i go to start it and it turns over great, but wont fire. So i get a new ignition module and put that in and it starts right up. Great. Pull it into the garage. Try to start and same thing, cranks, but doesnt fire. Checked the fuseable link at the alternator, fuel pressure is at 40 witht he tan line energized. Everything looked fine. I dont know what else it could be. IF you have any ideas please let me know.
    I saw you're white ty in Kentucky are you going to bring it back? My wife has her eye on it. Let me kno ��
    how many miles on the ty and are you maybe interested in a trade with a 03 s-10 from fl it has some xtras and a c-notched frame, the s-10 has 69k on it.
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