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  • Hey Rob!

    It's been almost a year now since I have talked to you...oh what has changed!

    I got married october of last year, quit my job, and moved to Laramie Wyoming, attending Wyotech, and graduating sept 18 this year with an associates degree in business, automotive, and certificate in custom paint. I decided to keep the syclone in the family and sold it to my brother Jeff, who now is trying to sell it in Texas...I bought a 2000 trans am and had it for about 1 1/2 years, and then traded for my ~06' grand prix gxp LS4 303hp~I have also purchased an older buick regal, and a 89 5.0 fox mustang for my wifey.

    Thats about all I can think of as of write now. Just send me a message any time!
    slow. just waiting on the tranny. had a problem getting the upgraded servo and support machined and it slowed george down but he has it all in hand now and should get it assembled this week i hope. glad your truck is running better. it sure is a long process, tuning etc... ive had my truck about 10 years and just within the last two years have i felt like ive started to get more power out of my combo with tuning. before with the mail order stuff it was just a crap shoot, and you couldnt really do anything unless you forked out the 3k for a dfi setup. as soon as i get caught up on the code$59 i noticed that maverick87 has a really similar setup as me and hopefully i can use his bin file off of code$59.org to get mine driveable and a step closer already to getting it tuned.
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