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  1. graham1524

    Oil pump?

    High pressure, not high volume
  2. graham1524

    Sy roller (Myclone)

    What number sy is it, I'll look at what all I have to see if I tracked where it went
  3. graham1524

    Sort of new owner of #589

    Looks awesome!
  4. graham1524

    Turbo Coolant Banjo size It may be these, the stock turbo is a td06-17c I believe
  5. graham1524

    What's the WIDEST wheel one can put on the front?

    The common swap is a c4 zr1 wheel which is a 9.5" wide front with a 275-40-17 tire. I believe this rubs a little at full lock but have had no issues running them on my truck
  6. graham1524

    Max boost with factory boost solenoid

    It really depends on the MAP and chip you're running
  7. graham1524

    Fuel Pump

    Make sure you upgrade your bulkhead wiring at the same time or you will have issues with running the bigger pump
  8. graham1524

    Feed back on rear swaybar, steering shaft, quick ratio steering box upgrade.

    I've got a borgeson steering box and it's been pretty nice. I would highly recommend the rear sway bar and changing the steering shaft. I also autocross mine a lot and put a bunch of miles on it, it really depends on your goals. With such a low mileage truck if you don't intend to drive it...
  9. graham1524


    I've got the Steve Morris cam and it's been good. The comp 422 is a whole lot cheaper. An old ty owner used to work for him and did some good testing on his truck when making it.
  10. graham1524


    Don't do it!!!!!!!! Unless you have aftermarket heads, like Brodix, bowtie or Pontiac it's really not worth it. Also there is nobody making headers for these right now, you can only buy used. I bought a used set for my truck to run with Brodix heads and they have been such a pain in the ass...
  11. graham1524

    Front propshaft upgrade needed asap

    Have you tried The Driveshaft Shop in North Carolina?
  12. graham1524

    Kenne Bell headers burnt #2 spark boot

    Haven't burnt one since upgrading to that
  13. graham1524

    Kenne Bell headers burnt #2 spark boot

    It was a huge pain in the ass
  14. graham1524

    Kenne Bell headers burnt #2 spark boot

    On my headers I had to notch the pipe for more spark plug clearance. No mater what I did it would always burn that plug wire
  15. graham1524


    Box arches are the ones for the bed? How much for the pair?
  16. graham1524

    Hot Rod Garage - Typhoon

    Yea that thing ended up being a bust, but lots of room for improvement
  17. graham1524

    WTB Syclone in Arizona

    What number did you end up getting?
  18. graham1524

    ACC - Syclone carpet

    I forget what brand I bought but aftermarket carpet for these is trash
  19. graham1524

    Pix of Vortec heads and where the plugs go

    It should just be the old intake manifold holes that are no longer used, I can try and take a pic later if I remeber
  20. graham1524

    Syclone #2236 is on jackstands again :)

    I never got mine to line up so I just ditched that bar entirely on the 80e