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  1. SVO

    Syclone at Precision Transmission “”UPDATE””

    Richard at precision transmission doing a Syclone transmission tare down. Good stuff. Wish he did a video building it also……..
  2. SVO

    2021 summer fun

    Spotting SyTy’s on the internet stretching there legs out for summer fun 2021….… Car show in in cape cod area. and Syclone & Typhoon…….. fast forward to 17:52
  3. SVO

    HI SyTy intake elbow “orange”

    intake elbow good condition 50ea. Shipped 80 for the pair
  4. SVO

    HI SyTy Crossover intake tube

    syclone typhoon intake crossover tube looks like both ends have been shortened ?,bought this way no cracks in good condition 100 shipped
  5. SVO

    HI syclone cladding behind the wheel L&R

    Aloha, Left and Right behind the door cladding painted to match truck tabs been reinforced, bought this way good condition 400 for the pair SHIPPED
  6. SVO

    Syclone in Washington

    Spotted this on a backroad taking a shortcut in Wa. #324. Stoped and snapped a few pics. Talked to the owner, turns out it’s for sale. 47k miles. Nice Truck......
  7. SVO

    Typhoon in Hawaii Kai

    spotted this nice pristine 93, truck # 1991 at this years Memorial Day car show. I also saw white and gray typhoon but it left before I could get to it.......
  8. SVO

    Typhoon in Marysville Washington

    spotted this gem at the casino last Thursday....... Nice truck #2302
  9. SVO

    FL Sy cladding complete eBay. Tailgate and tonneau cover

    For sale A complete cladding off a 1991 GMC Syclone. Some pieces are broken (see front grill cover in photo) and scratched, but it is all there - tail, driver side, passenger side, and front. $1,100.00 + 250.00 shipping / offer...
  10. SVO

    CA 93 Ty 1177 eBay

    93 Typhoon 1GDCT18Z1P0811177 $ 5,000.00 start, no reserve 136,578 miles Lake Arrowhead, CA. 1993 GMC Typhoon (same engine type as the GMC...
  11. SVO

    ATR Headers /SOLD

    Aloha All, Older set of used ATR headers $ 500. Shipped to your door, USA........ -headers -crossover with clamp -cruise control bracket I bought them used and the turbo side was crack. Had them locally welded up by a pro and looks like a Frankenstein weld ! Sitting on the shelf ever since...
  12. SVO

    Canada Sy 506 eBay 2717 miles

    Sy 0506 on eBay. 2,717 miles.
  13. SVO

    WY Sy 2700 23k miles eBay

    Sy 2700 $ 25,000, buy it now/offer. 23,265 miles. Little history,
  14. SVO

    UT 87 Sonoma Sy replica Pro Street eBay

    1987 GMC Sonoma, Sy-Replica. Pro Street. Black with stickers ?
  15. SVO

    OH 93 Ty eBay

    1993 typhoon 2154 Black on black 72,755 miles...
  16. SVO

    Typhoon at GMG racing.......

    My friend spotted this beauty at the GMG racing meet today in LA......
  17. SVO

    Watch a zr1 ls9 being built

    great 5 minute video of a hand assembled ZR1 ls9.
  18. SVO

    HI Sy 2340 Craigslist Asking $7,500... 154,000 miles...
  19. SVO

    HI 92 Ty 1420 Craigslist

    116k miles. 9k / offer. Dealer.
  20. SVO

    HI Sy 785 Craigslist

    GMC Syclone - $15000 Awesome GMC Syclone 4.3 v-6 turbo charged,all wheel drive,new paint, interior excellent condition,new headliner, new a/c evap, compressor, lines.Automatic,power windows and locks. 94000 original miles. Very quick with great handling. Must see in person to appreciate. Very...