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  1. graham1524

    Carlisle parts

    I swear I already made one of these!!!!! BUt here is what I am trying to bring and sell Stock valve covers Stock oil pan Bell tech drop leafs- syclone KYB monomax shocks- syclone Good front diff Stock downpipe ZR-1 saw blades(?), for the right price RPM AC delete bracket Stock front sway bar...
  2. graham1524

    Coolant over flow!

    Post em up I'm looking for ideas of what to do
  3. graham1524

    Extra parts for sale

    Beltech drop leafs $150 pair Monomax rear shocks $100 pair Melling oil pump from RPM has the extended pickup welded in $75 - Sold RPM AC delete bracket $75 - comes with the bracket, spacers, belt, and most of the hardware to mount, you will have to buy the tensioner separate Comp cam or...
  4. graham1524

    Melling oil pump

    Does anyone know the part number of the melling pump that RPM sells? Thanks
  5. graham1524

    Potentially helpful info for Lil Brodies

    Some info that might help someone else trying to run Lil Brodies on a stockish setup: First the front of the heads that I have are drilled and tapped in one location on the A/C side. This is a problem for running the RPM AC delete bracket. It appears that The mighty mouse/Renzfab bracket will...
  6. graham1524

    Sway bar and front suspension questions

    Setting my truck up to be an autocross CAM truck. Big goal is to keep the front from pushing, so my question is whats the smallest sway bar I can get and put in the front? Also, I have the AFCO coilovers in the front but was wondering if anyone has written down what the weight savings is for...
  7. graham1524

    Nats discussion

    I'm trying to bring my truck to a big event for the first time, I was even informed my car wasn't a truck at Carlisle last year. So whos bringing something new and cool this year? Or like me and trying to finish a bunch of stuff up so you can make it, post them up!
  8. graham1524

    Turbo help

    I got my exhaust housing ceramic coated and am now trying to reassemble it. The two parts go together with sort of an interference fit it seems. Do I just try and get them to seat on each other. And does anyone have a helpful suggestion?
  9. graham1524

    Spring NC get together

    I've posted in a few other places but I am going to try and have a get together in NC. The date that we are planning for so far is April the 16th. It will be in Mebane NC and the attendance group so far will be a turbo 6 group as well as a few taurus SHO guys.
  10. graham1524

    WTB: Non AC heater box

    Looking to see if anyone has one available. Thanks
  11. graham1524

    holley swap guidance

    So I've done the easy part of the swap and got the old harness out and the new harness in. Now I need a little assistance getting everything that will be reused from the old harness. This is what I have and I've separated the: Oil pressure Wiper motor Coil plug Two transmission plugs...
  12. graham1524

    catalytic converter brackets

    I'm looking for both of these so that I can finish mounting my rpm exhaust. I was going to see if anyone has one or if anyone knows where I can get one. Thanks, Graham
  13. graham1524

    Sy#1524 rebuild/restore

    I've had this truck for a while and now that I've graduated college I have the means to do it right. The truck has never really ran right and while taking it apart we have seen why this may be, whoever went through the engine before I ever got it did very crappy work. The rebuild so far consists...
  14. graham1524

    Fixing Intercooler

    I accidentally broke the nipple of the fill neck of my upper intercooler. I'm currently looking to buy a new one unless it can be fixed. Has anyone ever repaired this before? Thanks, Graham
  15. graham1524

    Lifter Help

    I've always had an audible click from my drivers side head. During the week I took the driver side valve cover off of my believed to be stock truck and found roller rockers and a bunch of other comp cams stuff. One of the rockers was harder to get off than the rest and when it came off had...
  16. graham1524

    Crashing Thursday night

    My brother and I will be heading out of NC after I get off work Thursday and are driving straight through to BG. It looks like we should be arriving around 1 or 2 in the morning. Anybody got floor space?
  17. graham1524

    typhoon Mebane NC

    My little brother saw a white typhoon with gold letters driving in mebane yesterday. Anyone here?
  18. graham1524

    volvo fan wiring

    I'm in the process of wiring the fan in. I'm going to wire it into the intercooler relay with its.own relay. But can that work if I hot wired my intercooler? I'd like to see how some other people did their relay and made it work. I've been doing a lot of searching but found no info of wiring...
  19. graham1524

    More knock- datamaster

    I just replaced the fuel pressure regulator with an adjustable one from kirban and it made such a big difference. I did another log now that its replaced and I am still getting some knock on the top end. The knock showing on datamaster has decreased significantly, going from 12,000 in a log to...
  20. graham1524

    WTB Wideband

    Anyone have a wideband for sale or looking to sell a good one?