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  1. sy#2716

    sy2942 Milledgeville Ga

    My brother saw this sy at the local lowes today and was wondering if it was anyone on the board.
  2. sy#2716

    sy #0027

    THIS IS NOT MY TRUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1991 GMC Syclone #0027 Factory AWD, Turbo, Automatic Runs and drives awesome Low miles for the year with just over 71k Roller rockers, 20G Turbo wheel, Cold Air Intake, and more Asking 14,500 Call...
  3. sy#2716

    jpope'a pics of the shindig!!!!!!!!

    Here are some of the pics i too at the shindig before my camara went dead.
  4. sy#2716

    Tach Signal WIre?

    Wondering if anyone knows which wire that come out the back of the distrubtor gives the signal to the I/P for the tach? . Thanks Jpope
  5. sy#2716

    Tack wiring?

    Just wondering if anyone know witch wire the tack gets it signal from. Becasue all my guages work except for the tack and need to see if I am getting a signal from wire or not. I know it is connected to the distributor but do not know witch one. Thanks Jonathan
  6. sy#2716

    Fort Myers?

    Are there any syty guys in fort myers? The reson i ask is becasue my brother is looking at a WS6 TA down there and was just wondering anyone down there could possible go check it out for us before we make the trip(10 hours one way). But if anyone is down that way either send me an email...
  7. sy#2716

    Ice box

    I have been looking for pics of ice boxs that people are running. If anyone that has either a engine mounted one(like js design made that is on his old site) or one that is mount in the bed. Could you either email me some pics or post them on the site here. I was thinking about using a cooler...
  8. sy#2716

    site for green dots.

    i searched all over the place for these tires and the search engine on this site is messing up. what's the site for the green dots. i'm getting ready to order some sometime soon and can't find where to getem. this isn't jon btw. this is his friend. any help will be great guys.
  9. sy#2716

    Stock injectors specs?

    What are the specs for stock injectors for syty's? Bascially what i want to know if can they be run in an LT1 as an upgrade? I just put a cam and did some valvetrain work on my brother's T/A and the stock injectors are at 118% duty cycle and it's cutting out up top. We got some stock syty...
  10. sy#2716

    Big thanks to jwaller!!!!!

    I just wanted to say thanks for everything to to john becasue he is one of the most helpful people when dealing with these trucks. I had him do some intakes and vortecs for me and they are better than i expected them to turn out to be. But if anyone wants anykind of work done like that i would...
  11. sy#2716

    Bad news!!!!!

    Well fellas it was a sad morning in syty world, i just got back from the hospital becasue i was in a wreck this morning and the sy is totaled someone pulled out in front of me while i was going to work this morning about 8 and i hit him in the passanger front and my drives front was destoryed...
  12. sy#2716

    Drivers lock switch pt#?

    i used the searh but couldn't find it.I was just wondering if anyone knows the part #for the drivers door lock switch and also the passanger becasue mine are shot. also need the little knob that that goes on the swith becasue that is broke also. I have a sy don't know if that matter or not...
  13. sy#2716

    front sway bar?

    Hey yall before you post for me to use the seacrh i did and didn't find what i was looking for but anyway i and finishing up my pst front end rebuild and i can't get the front sway bar to line back up so that i an bolt it back up is there a trick of doing this or something i have the lower A...
  14. sy#2716

    sy rear sway bar install?

    Hey yall know this has been on here a few times and i ahve tryed to search but could find what i was looking for. But i am right in the middle of of installing the st rear sway bar on my sy and i really don't understand on how it bolts up to the frame. i know that the ty bolt to l brackets...
  15. sy#2716

    polishing wheels?

    Ok guys i have used the search button so do tell me to do that!! but i know the basic and i have started on the center cap. But my question is i am on the 600 grit and i am using an air die grind and i have the sand paper on a pad the attaches to it but i keep getting waves where i have...
  16. sy#2716

    Battery in bed???

    Hey i have looked for the topic and saw a few and i know how to do it and i have everything hooked up but i can see that the wires that go to the positive side of the starter are touching the down pipe? How does everyone one else have theirs run away from the exhaust manifold and downpipe...
  17. sy#2716

    Pictures of syclone 2716

    These are some pics of my truck i am just figuring out how to post on a free site so i hope this works!!!! :) :)
  18. sy#2716

    First race NOS cobra

    Well fellas i just got back from a street race where i race a 97 svt cobra that had a 100 shot of nos and i held my own in the little sy!!! we line up on the road and he wanted to go on 3 and my passanger counted to three and i only built like 3 pounds of boost and then were off. i pulled...
  19. sy#2716

    ac vents????

    i remember some one talking about their as vents not working and i was wondering what was the reason it stoped i know it was dealing with the vaccum hoses or something could someone tell me they what they did to get their vents to work it only come out the defrost vent and i can't figure out...
  20. sy#2716

    My syclone Pics.

    I hope this works go to this siteand these are my girls. Could someone tell me how i can post them on here with out having to link it? thanks joanthan :D