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    KY Anyone make 4.3 turbo headers any longer?

    I'm getting ready to sell my brand new ATR Headers. Already wrapped and ready to go. Absolute Perfect condition
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    Typhoon in marietta GA

    This is Nick's little brother Ben. I found a typhoon in Marietta GA that I am interested in purchasing. Was wondering if any of you awesome Sy/Ty owners would help me take a look at it. From talking to the owner, he replaced the fuel-pump and kinked the return line which resulted in the...
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    BFG Drag Radial question

    So since my truck is most likely going to be finished and drive-able for the first time in 5 years I am looking at selling my new 18" Bridgestone Potenza RE01r's to put some drag radials on my extra 18" black chrome Z06 wheels. My daily wheels are Camaro SS wheels with 285's all around. Here is...
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    Some SY stuff...ebay
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    My sy parts on ebay

    Thought I had them all sold...buyer backed out need money asap Shifter Console lid and hinge
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    Diamond Audio s124

    Has anyone ever heard this sub before? If so tell me what you thought about it plz.
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    Any JL audio dealers?

    Just checking to see if someone on the forum has a good hookup on (2) JL 13tw5? I really want them in my Sy but I can't spend $700+ on speakers right now. I am just afraid that I am going to be really disappointed with the Kicker CVT slim 12"s. Let me know, Thanks Nick
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    WTBorrow SY carpet

    Will pay shipping to and from. Need Sy carpet to cut new carpet to be installed, Will also clean and stain protect your carpet. Shipping will be to North FL 32547. Thanks, Nick
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    WTB used grill

    Need one in relatively decent shape no cracks or chips in plastic. Paint not important as far as condition or color. OEM only please.
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    wtb broken hood release

    Need one that is good from dr. side headlight to latch. Broken on interior end is ok. PM me
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    Anyone know where to find this style?

    I have called and emailed this guy repeatedly with no response, so I figured I would ask here. I am looking for this style of ic couplers for my build, I do not want the shiney style coulplers. Does anyone know anybody who sells this style of coupler? Or what they would be called...
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    WTB Broken shifter cable or good floorboard seal

    I f anyone has a broken shifter cable hanging around I could really use the 3 point seal that attaches to the floor board to feed the shifter cable inside the cab. Please pm me thanks, nick
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    Sy garage clean-out!!

    Prices don't include ship or 3% pp fees. Shipping from 32541 Center console mint like shown except for heat warped vinyl $225 complete shifter to pan $325 Trans, oil steering cooler 11 x 6 -----$50 Wiper ass. with new motor-----$75 pending Ac box complete----$40 Under column...
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    Upper intake ???

    Trying to wrap this build up and have a couple questions Need some help with sizes of fittings and where to get them. AIT-------------------Thread size and pitch? Vacuum fitting size of Map sensor? Brake Booster intake fitting size, an size and fitting for the brake booster size? Where do I get...
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    Complete Sy Console

    $300 plus shipping and fees. PM me pics coming soon Console,Shifter, cupholder and gear indicator, gold mounting pann Alsolutely mint Except for the Vinyl on lid, hinge is good. Can have it recovered in any material you want for $40
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    RENZ upper "SHINEY"

    This was the longest wait ever. Supposed to be gone 1wk but actually took a month. Before::Renz upper Willwood After:: Willwood and valve covers Hats off to RenzFAB for building an amazing piece. Just wish he'd build more!! LOL Ramon thanks for the polishing I Can't wait to install...
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    ACC Black carpet kit SY

    I have a brand new in the box black ACC custom carpet kit. I am going a different route now and am willing to take a loss on it. 140 + 18 shipping new. Sell for 110 plus exact shipping cost. Pm me
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    Transfer case sending unit.

    Trying to figure out how in the heck I am going to install my digital standalone speedometer. The speedometer only comes with 2 wires a positive and negative and it works by pulses per revolution (16). Does anyone know what the factory sending unit on the transfer case does as far as pulses per...
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    NEW Black Chrome Z06 wheels!!! 18x10.5

    Here is the story on these wheels. I really don't want to sell them because they are the best looking wheel I have ever seen. I searched for these for 2 years and finally got a set last year I mounted and road forced balanced them with Bridgestone Potenza REO1R 245/45/18. They all road forced...
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    Wiring help!!

    Can anyone name all the items on our truck that need to be relayed? So far I have flashers, horn, hid headlights & foglights. Please help me with any others and and maybe with what type/amp. Thanks in advance. Nick