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  1. "Nickel"

    Shoptruck Fathead!

  2. "Nickel"

    fastest truck ever

  3. "Nickel"

    $9k Syclone

    Anyone on here?
  4. "Nickel"

    92 Teal ty 0290

    So back in February I found this truck at the local JD Byrider . I stopped in and asked about it and was told it was being worked on by one of the tech's for his friend. I spoke with him and he said it had stat for a while and didn't run. He let me look it over and its in not so good shape. It...
  5. "Nickel"

    Lower intake gaskets

    Can someone give me a part number for stock replacement Lower intake gaskets? I would like to pick a set up at the local parts store... Have someone working on the Sy for me and he's at a stand still till I come up with something. I didn't think those gaskets were specific to our trucks..:roll:
  6. "Nickel"

    Ebay's description of the typhoon..

    :roll: "About GMC Typhoon American automaker GMC caused a commotion in 1992 when it released the GMC Typhoon, an all-wheel drive SUV, to consumers around the world. GMC called this vehicle the Typhoon, which is fitting for a ride that is a little bigger...
  7. "Nickel"

    Red sy # 1364

    Super close to me.
  8. "Nickel"

    What Lifters..?

    So I've got a lifter tick. Stock engine. Question is what lifters to buy 850's or 875's? Or another option? Did a search and got a few threads with conflicting info...
  9. "Nickel"

    1999 Olds typhoon

    ***NOT MINE*** Kinda cool. I think I've see this here or s10forum.:dunno: 1999 Olds bravada typhoon HERE IS MY 99 OLDS BRAVADA WITH TURBO CONVERSION...
  10. "Nickel"

    chop-top ty I know I saw this ty discussed here before.... I say its not gonna sell:rotf:
  11. "Nickel"

    OH Sgt Bumperetts

    Not for sale any longer. Mods Delete please.
  12. "Nickel"

    Syclone jacket

    So what are these worth??
  13. "Nickel"

    silver sy 1575

    Looks like it tried to make it here: 1991 GMC Syclone #1575 68,XXX Miles 4.3 Turbo V6 AWD I've owned the truck since 2008 and purchased it with 61,000 miles from a dealer...
  14. "Nickel"

    "1993" syclone....

    Don't know what to say about this one..... 1993 Syclone...a very rare truck to find and very fast. This truck is a part of the Grand National family. It only has 44, 068 mile on it. A little motor work done to it, this car takes off like a...
  15. "Nickel"

    Cant go over 2500-3k rpms/ 5psi??

    Here's 2 video's; ?v=yNtoyBsdhCE& ?v=-ipcote_nBw& WTF! It was fine to and from the Ohio meet (2 hour round trip) and just started last night after leaving a friends house. If I stay out of boost I can drive normal but as soon as I get around 5 psi it happens...
  16. "Nickel"

    Who is this, and do they/you still do certificate of authenticity/window sticker's...????
  17. "Nickel"

    Braille battery's

    So I'm thinking about useing one of these and mounting it on the fender well in place of the overflow tank. This way I don't have to deal with running battery cables to the rear of the truck/ mounting a battery box ect.. Just need to mount a tank to the other side of the radiator. I'm thinking...
  18. "Nickel"

    WTB: cobra elbow for stock turbo

    Just as title says, let me know what you've got.
  19. "Nickel"

    SY #0711 8600 miles
  20. "Nickel"

    "Syclone" Michigan plate '92

    Just got this off eBay, wall art. I was curious if it belonged to a member here?