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    Cam swap

    Can you remove and install a cam in a Sy without pulling the engine?
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    Intake manifold

    Does anyone know if the Syclone came from the factory with an aluminum intake manifold?
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    Syclone factory fuel injectors.

    Does anyone know if my Syclone factory fuel injectors are already maxed out from the factory?
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    1/8 mile times with stock cam

    What's the best 1/8 mile times with stock cam?
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    Oil leak

    Can someone please help me track down a oil leak? Truck is leaking oil somewhere above 2nd from bottom driver side transmission Bell housing bolt. I can't see much above it with inspection mirror. Oil is slowly seeping out and running down side of block that transmission bolts to.
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    Syclone cam upgrade

    Anyone know what the best cam upgrade is for Syclone with stock engine and what the power gain would be? I'm currently running stock cam, valve springs and lifters.
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    Overboost code 31

    Anyone else experiencing overboost at wot with turbotweek sy 3 bar velocity chip? Target boost max of chip should be close to 25 psi. I got overboost around 28 psi. Would this be normal because of the 25 psi max of the chip?
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    Tire and wheel size for quickest 1/8 mile times.

    Does anyone have experience with best tire and wheel size for best 1/8 mile times with stock 3.42 gears,60mm turbo and 2800 stall?
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    Syclone seat covers

    Does anyone know of a good Syclone seat cover? I would prefer a leather, but not dead set on leather. Just want them to fit tight.
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    Emergency cable and bracket

    Can someone please take a picture of your sy emergency brake set up when you have your truck off the ground and post it. I disconnected mine when I pulled my transmission and can't get it right.
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    3 inch down pipe.

    Does anyone know what the best and easiest 3 inch down pipe to install?
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    Syclone emergency brake set up

    Can someone please post pics of your emergency brake set up under your truck. I removed mine and can't figure out how it goes back.
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    Syclone emergency brake set up

    Can someone please post pics of your syclone emergency brake factory set up under the truck. I pulled my transmission and can't figure out how to put emergency brake cables back where they should go.
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    Using manual boost controller with an electronic boost controller

    Does anyone one know if I can use a manual boost controller with factory boost controller to bleed off air to override max target boost setting on turbotweek chip. I'm trying to run 28psi boost and only getting 23psi with factory solenoid. I would really appreciate any help with this.
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    Syclone rev limiter

    Does syclone have a factory rev limiter?