4l80e conversion.


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Re: 4l80e conversion.

I just called Pro Torque and Bill there said no way the lock clutch would get burn with less than 50 miles.

Bill said that maybe the lockup in the transmission is bad. I never heard of this before.

I am getting shuttering when the lockup engugage same as before the tranny and converter rebuilt.


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Re: 4l80e conversion.

4l80e history

Robert in Sweden and Ryan in Chicago both did 4l80e's first. Roberts is a re-splined shaft version, Ryan did a different transfer case out of a 4x4.

I was talking to Robert about how he did his, at same time found out GB was working on his version also. We teamed up, he had adaptor plate design done, shaft re-machine was fairly simple (had to figure out final length). I designed the brace extension, cross-member, and shifter linkage using my own typhoon frame when it was not hooked to the body.

(pics of prototype parts HERE)

Jeremy's sy was the test vehicle for the "kit" as it was originally done. GB built the trans, Jeremy and I installed it, got it all working, drove it to KC just a day after getting it installed, beat crap out of it to show how strong a basic stock 4l80e rebuild would hold. (his trans is still holding up strong, did have a TCC failure but was $30 in vehicle fix).

I built parts/kit for couple years, ended up selling through GB towards end. Due to personal things between him, myself and other life things I had going on I quit making parts. GB has continued to move on with parts, changed some things to his liking, designed input shaft for transfer case etc.

To say anybody including myself did it single handed would not be correct.

I have a few components left laying around (brace extensions, shifter linkage) but otherwise don't really build anything anymore. I am enjoying being just an owner again and not worried about building parts.

I still enjoy and have a lot of pride in syty's, and really do enjoy helping others build a truck that can be enjoyed.

This is all about budgets for everybody. I highly doubt any of us have unlimited incomes to spend, so people trying to find cheaper or more budget friendly alternatives is natural and expected. I can't fault anybody for this.

Everybody as a consumer, vendor or street clown on street has a choice on who to associate with or not.

Nothing on the 4l80e is high tech, special, but does have a lot of design involved. I have the advantage of having a milling machine, lathe, tubing bender, tig welder, mig welder, plasma cutter at home. Some people might have those resources available somehow and want to do there own thing, others will need to buy the parts for other reasons (time/resources).

In the end the goal for all of us is to enjoy these trucks and help each other. I think it is anyways.
I bought Ryan's trans and some other parts to with it. What output shaft do I need and where can I get it and need shifter cable. I think that's pretty much all I need now.


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