ACDelco Control Arm Part Numbers?


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A few things here. One, I don't know if these are the right part numbers, but the pictures look correct. Two, why not rebuild the arms you have? Better bushings, better ball joints (those have rivets). Three, if you get these you should repaint them, they will not look new after some time. You have better options unless you're looking to save time and money. These are easy. Use the $500 you would spend on these and get some coil overs, upgrade, maybe? Just my two cents.


Yeah, I gotta do more research. I thought this was the cheapest and most reliable route for all the bushings joints and good threads for the sway bar mounts. I physically wouldn’t be able to install this stuff myself anyways. If it was a decade or two ago I’d just buy the SportsMachines full coil-over kit and install it myself. I’ll look around more thx.


Is MEVOTECH a good company? Looking at MEVOTECH TXK5320 on Rockauto. Maybe I should just get two of those, because they’re both leaking on the Ty, and two sets of ACDELCO 45G8037? The lowers looked in better shape so I could wait on those.

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If you can wait awhile (like August when I get back from my Corvette Summer), I'll help you renew the bushings and ball joints. It's a lot of hard work, but not impossible. I've done it before, and I have the tools. I have a set of upper and lower take-out a-arms if we need them. There are ways to deal with the stripped sway bar mount holes.