Alky Control brand Methanol/water injection system


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System is used but works good. This kit was made specifically for the Sy/Ty's. All pieces and components are accounted for. You will need to contact the company to get a wiring schematic. There is plenty of pigtail left on all the wiring to do any necessary crimping/soldering/wiring extensions etc. to make the install look clean in your truck.

This is a single jet system. The pump is 1.5 years old. The system has been used half of the time with 50% meth / 50% water and the other half I ran it on 100% meth. Whenever the system was not in use I always purged all the fuel out of the system and ran windshield washer fluid through it as a means to coat and protect the system (recommended by Julio at Alky Control).

$395.00 firm. Free shipping in the lower 48. Paypal only. Thanks for looking guys.

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