Anyone know how to read my RPO codes?


I'm confused though.

ZY1 is color combination solid.

But BYB is gray cladding? I didn't see that on the above PDF.

Makes sense since the window sticker says on the option list as "gray applique".


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All Syclones had black cladding. There is no cladding RPO on a Syc;lone. Another misconception is that original Syclone cladding is "Raw Black Plastic". Nope. All cladding was painted. Including Black, including Syclones.
As always.. who needs Wiki when you have Dave P😂. One follow up question since it’s on the cladding paint topic ( cause I’ve always been curious). Is the syclone cladding original color a gloss black like the truck or a Flat/Matte of some sort? Which is the original. I’ve seen both and still confused as to what is original.?

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You are one amazing guy Dave. You are a wealth of information.
Thanks, Friend. I occasionally reflect on us bashing around on the trails in Breckenridge in the rental Kia. And the late-night just-us story-telling in SyTy Chat. Fun times.