Carlisle Truck Nats


Ty n 10s
Re: Carlisle Truck Nats

I will have my truck on a trailer driving from Chicago to the show. I will leave early Thursday morning it should be a nice road trip with my dad and son. I cant wait to get there and see all the trucks and the people i have been reading about the last couple of months.

I am leaving in the morning with trailer and two trucks out of fort wayne.will be on 80/90. Send me your phone number.

John gerber
260 437 7200


TY # 1889
Re: Carlisle Truck Nats

I'm here at hotel. Took a ride to Carlisle to check it out and it looks great. Sport machines is hard at work. See everyone tomorrow. What time are we meeting up?

gary sy

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Re: Carlisle Truck Nats

where should the outdoor trucks setup? Are we going to park in a group out behind the building?

As you enter the fairgrounds to the right you will see the grandstands bldg y is to the left and the area to the left of is sectioned off for sy/ty out door parking . See ya there :tup::tup: Gary