Cleanup in isle 4


Place is still relevant each has its purpose. I would like to put links in to the other Syty sites as well. Would like the community to be more united and share information. I am simply a Admin here and helping Keith. I am a member on both sites.


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Thank you for what you do Neil. I appreciate it. Even though I poke fun about the bots, this place is invaluable to me. I am a member on both sites too but I prefer this one over ISTR any day. The forums are my main source of information as I don't Fakebook. Personally, I think fb is one of the biggest reasons the forums have suffered. I know it killed all of the LS4 forums.


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To me it seems that Forums are once again growing. We are seeing traffic here grow. Nothing beats a forum for information and Dialogue. Most of the FB ppl don’t even own Sytys!

That's actually a really good point. My buddy joined a syty fb group when i bought my Syclone. He doesn't own one. Not sure why people do that. I thought it was strange but it does seem to be a trend.