Does ANYBODYS truck run good?


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Hopefully I didn't make a mistake with my recently acquired unmolested 11k mile Sy. It had been sitting for years, so I knew pretty much anything rubber would need to be replaced and the fuel system gone through. Along with the normal tune up, fluids etc changed.
I went with a larger fuel pump w/harness, 60lb injectors, adjustable fuel regulator, 3 map sensor and chip. It all seems to make sense to me, as far as reliability. I could be wrong though. The way I see it, the fuels alone are so much different between the 90's and now. Having a 30 old boosted truck might not be really forgiving if one gets some sketchy fuel with the way it was set up from the factory. And the chip, also does little things like keeping the IC pump running all the time, not just when it gets to a temp it rarely gets to.
I've just recently got the truck back on the road, and have put maybe 100 miles on it, and so far so good.

I've got a long history of modding whatever it is I have. For the most part, it's all been good, then once in a while things go sideways. One just has to be prepared to do the modding corectly, and be prepared to work on it. I think my best experience was with an old mid 90's snowmobile. I brought it home from the dealer, and completely disassembled it. Had the motor bored from a 680 to an 800, pipes made, carb work done, etc. Stock the sled made 115hp, when I was done it made 170hp. To this day, that sled was the most reliable sled I've owned, (my newest is a 2014) and I ended up putting 8800 miles on it. The best thing was on one trip, a guy that liked to rip on me for "modding everything" had a bone stock 500 cc sled. We gassed up together, and my sled took less gas than his. That was a good taking a 55 mph boat and turning it into an 80 mph one...wasn't so good.