Drivers lock switch pt#?


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i used the searh but couldn't find it.I was just wondering if anyone knows the part #for the drivers door lock switch and also the passanger becasue mine are shot. also need the little knob that that goes on the swith becasue that is broke also. I have a sy don't know if that matter or not. thanks for the help sy#2716


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Here is the part # for them out of the original GM parts book (it may have changed by now).

LH: 15622301
RH: 15622302

FYI.. There was a revision of the door lock switch at one time and the parts book says to refer to the vehicle option code(s) to verify. IMO this might be worth going to your local GM dealer parts dept and order it to make sure you get the right one since and the like charge outragious amounts for returns (not to mention shipping costs/hassle).


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thanks myclone that is what i needed
i went yesterday and they couldn't find them but might can find it with the part #s thanks again sy#2716