Factory stock shocks color?

Dan B

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Thank for clearing that up, your right I should have searched sorry about that but thanks again for the info.

DaveP's Ghost

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Oh but it gets better. The Syclone Bilsteins have a date code that can be used to verify born-with Bilsteins. There are two numbers around the base of the shock. One of them is an 8 digit GM part number. The other ends in "WOO". The first three digits of this number are the last digit of year, and week of year. 045 would be 45th week (November) of 1990. 111 would be 11th week (Early March) of 1991. Because of shipping lead times, Bilstein dates precede the assembly date of the vehicle by about 8-10 weeks.

Typhoons used a non gas charged Delco front shock. Black in color.