FAST Miami Meet Feb 17-19


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Annual SyTy Miami Meet Feb 17-19 2017. Out of towners arrive the 17th, meet is the 18th at Gary's house. Head home the 19th. We'll decide what to do the evening of the 18th. If previous meets are any indicator, the will be much debauchery, so generally not a kid friendly environment. See the Facebook page for more details, or contact Gary at 305 582-6309


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Re: FAST Miami Meet Feb 17-19

Toying with the idea of doing it. But $1,200 in gas, so probably not. No way to tie it into a paying work-gig like I was able to do for 08-11.

I miss you guys.


Re: FAST Miami Meet Feb 17-19

I might be down! Keith got my grand national on Car Fix just delivered it today, filming on Monday. Would like to fly into Tampa and see you guys! Pending Keith can store my GN ;)