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I'll second the Fusor recommendation. I have used it on two or three trucks with great results. It was recommended to me by a body guy who restored a wrecked Typhoon to new condition.
Thanks for the recommendation guys. I will definitely use the Lord Fusor adhesive and I should have good success.

Have another issue I've been working on, the kelsey-hayes 4WAL brake pressure modulator valve. Mine is simply hanging from a bungy cord and I had to cut off the old rotten brake lines. (Picture pre-cutting, - Maybe shouldn't have done that) thinking I would.just order a rebuild. He'll, anyone know where you can get one?

Although I haven't actually called anyone, there is zero listing of this part anywhere. Wouldn't even know who to call regarding a rebuild or to get the parts to rebuild. Do I even know if mine works or not -.No. it might but the old brakes lines are going to take some work.


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Hey Thunder_Lloyd,

I may,have to go that route and at least it's an option. Would prefer not to but again, mine was working when I parked her years ago but I know that means nothing.

Imngoing to continue to see what I can find out there. Apparently they are fairly rare as this unit was only used a few years then replaced by somthing else and completely different
Finally brought my newly rebuilt engine home. That was fun. The builder wanted to connect the oil cooler up along with the oil lines and remote filter block. What a pain in the ass because of this. He was worried about warranting the motor and insisted on this.

I do have the tool to prime the oil pump and system so I will have to disconnect when come time to drop into the frame.

So I started assembly, cleaning parts and trying to mount with correct fasteners etc.

Picke up new water pump, idler wheel, belt tensioner and power steering pump along with factory exhaust manifold gaskets.

1st issue.-.maybe it's just me, I find the bolt holes in the head don't match up 100% on the manifold bolt holes. I can get 5 of 6.bolts in but last hole, at the back on both sides are off by 1/64 of and inch. I know they came off this motor and yes they are on the correct sides and they are also original heads. Was thinking of opening the ex manifold bolt holes up one drill size.

Anyone encountered this before?


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Yeah that would work. I'm going to see if the local tool shop has one. This must be what they used to install originally.

Thankyou Lloyd. I didn't even know this existed.


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I didn't either! But i was having a hard time installing my turbo manifolds onto my vortec engine and came across a mention of them somewhere. It's a lifesaver
So been thinking about the expander and I can’t lie, been seriously worried about cracking the manifolds by stretching them. While spending time sandblasting just about every metal part that attaches to this engine I thought maybe if I used something like a chainsaw file only slightly larger in dia. I could just slightly grove the right spot to clearance the side of the bolt. I had a new 3/8 single cut burr and figured I’ve give that a shot. It worked well with very little effort and the manifold bolts go in by hand.

Just before cleaning up for the evening, I gave another coat of por-15 in the appropriate colours to some of the many sandblasted parts I have. Can’t wait to show you guys a picture of motor when it’s all together. I’ve seen pictures on here of some amazing engines with wild set ups etc. But I’m going for the stock look, and let me tell ya, its going to look like a god dam crate motor when it’s done.

Just so much painting, and so many of them hanging on coat hangers all over the garage. Pictured is fuel rail, 1 of 3 inter cooler brackets and power steering mounts.


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The day finally came.

I took Friday off work, loaded the engine up (and hoist) and drove over to old Dads place.

Had to get the body back onto the rotisserie and rolled the chassis out into the sunlight.

Took most of the day, as many of you know how many and how much a pain it can be to install the fasteners. Started with the JTR motor mounts (painted mine por-15 chassis black) onto the block, bolted the trans assembly on and dropped it in. The new motor mounts lined up great. Bolted the front prop and rear drive shafts in. Torqued everything as per the manual and this is where I left off for the day.


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I have many more pictures but the files too large. I will figure this out and post


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I know its been a bit. Had major cell phone issues. Couldn't attach pictures etc. All sorted out.

This is how the truck sits now. Body onto the fame, (looks sketchy I know) and many sensors plugged in (all new) wires, vacuum tubes and brackets inplace.

Had a huge storm come though last time I was working on the truck. Managed to get the three bolts from the flex plate bolted to the torque converter as the rain came down like crazy. Quickly had to clean up and rool back into the garage. I took the day off Friday to work on the truck and will post pictures of the progress.



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So spent the day Friday with the ones I love, the truck, the tools and the old man lol.

Continued with the engine assembly etc.

1. Had to remove the front prop shaft so I could install the torque converter cover plate. Also the trans oil lines. The lines were tough to get back in.

2. Power steering pump and bracket. Dam if this thing ever fails, will probably have someone else change. 3 bolts and 2 nuts plus a supporting backet to hold this sucker in. What a pain in the ass to put that on. Pully is in the box somewhere, just didn't get that in. But the alternator is.

3. AC compressor and support backet - finnaly, somthing easy to put on. I did forget to rent the pully/clutch installation tool so that's not on yet.

4. Turbo oil pressure feed pipe. Another one hard to get the thread started but once in, just slow and tedious to thread in and tighten.

5. Plugged the transmission wiring in

6. I did pick up the upgraded steering shaft from sport machines. Didn't fit at first (was approx 2inch short) but after mounting one end and using a drift n hammer to lengthen the tube (telescoping) the other end slipped over the splined shaft on the steering box. Locktite and torqued these bolts down.

I've included the latest pictures. I know they look similar to the previous but much work was completed when I took these.



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Hey Lads,
Wow, can't believe how.long it's been since I've posted. Had a very busy summer.

Anyways, although I've only worked on the truck a few weekends this summer but lots has been done.

1. Disassembled front clip (rad support/fenders) and send the support out for sandblasting. Once back, had old Dad put a few coats of Por-15 black on. Looks awsome.

2. Cleaned up all nuts,bolts, clips etc from front rad support. Also power washed condenser coil. Replaced Rad with new one from the dealer. Can't believe they had this.

3. Sandblasted headlight buckets, front supports/backets/ etc and gave them all a coat of Por-15

Assembly of the above can the following weekend.


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So, for the longest time, I kept thinking "why do i have two extra body mounts?" Lol, sometimes I make myself laugh! - got the rad support bolted in (with the two extra poly body mounts) and started adding at all the parts to it. Head light buckets, J-nuts or U-nuts whatever you call em, pwr steering oil cooler, etc.
One thing I've been putting off is installing the AC compressor. I had to remove the front clutch and drive off it when I previously removed (bolts did have one side ground smooth but would still not come out).
Finally got the compressor in, belt on, rad in, hoses and wire harness in, New oil pressure sender (beside disturbutor) etc. The truck is almost ready to start. Only problem, I haven't received my Turbo back from rebuild. I need to install that, prime the engine oil then drop in the distributor.

Soon I hope. Winters comming and I really like to see the engine run before the snow flies.

I included a few pictures of the front fender. These are going in the bin. Got new fenders and inner fender wells

Till next weekend.



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