Ice box


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I have been looking for pics of ice boxs that people are running.
If anyone that has either a engine mounted one(like js design made that is on his old site) or one that is mount in the bed. Could you either email me some pics or post them on the site here.
I was thinking about using a cooler in the bed with copper tubing inside but if i could find some thing that could mount in the engine compartment I would like that a lot better. BUt if anyone has any pics at all i would appericate it.
thanks for the help


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I have JS old one, i just now put it on. There is all kinds of room if you move the washer fluid, and remove the ABS. Havent gotten to see how well it works but im sure it will do the trick.


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Here are some in progress pics when I made the box.

The finished box looked fairly good and I did run it for a bit on my truck. The intercooler on the intake actually formed condensation when I put a bag of ice in the box.

I also designed it in such a way as to self bleed the air out of the system.

Not sure it did much for the street, but for drag racing it did work to lower IAT.