New from Michigan, Syclone #2608


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Timbo, That may have been me who you saw with a Sy registered in Romeo. ( I also own the Tim Allen TY.)
I'm sure we met at either a homecoming or maybe at a get-together that Wade had in Chelsea many years ago.
If I remember you are from Alaska? And have /had a Typhoon.
Yup, I remember meeting you at the Chelsea meet, and a couple of Homecomings! I just didn't know you lived in Romeo. I'm from Alaska, but have been in Ohio for the past 9 years. I was there in Macomb county just last week inspecting a car for a friend!
I am also sorry to hear about your loss. Hats off to you though. I hope that one of my children will take on the burden of typhoon ownership. When I no longer can. Monroe Mi. here!


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Sorry to hear about your Dad passing.
Sounds like you have a good plan for getting the Syclone back on the road.
I also live in the Romeo area.
I sometimes take one of my trucks to Stahl's museum on Thursday nites. Have you gone there, we may have crossed paths.
Thank you. And we are new to the area, so still learning a bit about it. I've heard about the Stahl's museum, been wanting to check it out. I heard Romeo had a cruise night on Thursdays, but thought it was more of a bike night.


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Well, finally got it back on the road. Thanks to my friend Matt at Matt's Auto. He did a great job, and we are still friends even after him changing the motor mounts. Put around 100 miles on it so far. Still uncomfortable about driving around such a rare vehicle but it's getting more fun. The more miles I put on, the more confident I'll be that it is reliable. A lot of changes happened at once so, I've got my fingers crossed.