New site, software and server.


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Well we finally did it. We moved away from vbulletin and were using new forum software. I'm excited to see how this works out. A lot of the programmers are the original guys the created vbulletin and left after it got to commercialized. If there are problems let me know and well work on fixing them.
Thank you


Good stuff! Took me a while to find new site though as I'm not on facebook. Didn't get the memo. I was fumbling around on old site unable to login getting frustrated. All good now. Tons of resource material on here. Would hate to lose it. I'm currently in the middle of a Typhoon restoration and look forward to posting its progression.


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Good work, Keith! Glad to have the board back up and running! Thanks for keeping this going all these years!


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This is AWESOME! Never gave up on this forum. Was always optimistic this site would rise again.


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Finally, I really haven't been around since 2011. Hard times happened. Either way I'd popped in a while back and the place was in shambles. Hopefully we can rebuild all the awesome old tech threads. I've been looking around but it seems like I'm the only idiot still building 4.3's haha.


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