New SyTy owner, old turbo guy.


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Just picked up a project SyTy #2648 from a buddy that purchased it new in early 1992. It has just over 15k miles and is in very good condition, it is a major project as it was being stripped to make a 1500 hp twin turbo LS powered Sy and then covered and parked in his garage for the last 12 years. My goal is to put it back to near stock with some tasteful upgrades. My background, worked for Ford / Lincoln off and on for 20 some years at the dealership level in parts, worked at Steeda and Powerhouse Products, started a company with a buddy, Race Part Solutions almost 17 years ago in my garage and now occupy 13k+ sqft in NE GA w/ 7 CNC machines buzzing away. Besides the Sy I have a 87 GN, a 87 low mile 4+3 vette, a turbo 357 86 Mustang notch stick shift, a TT 363 90 notch race car, a 18 awd F150 5.0 that looks like a modern day Lightning, a few motorcycles and a mint 51k mile 82 Fairmont that is my driver, 88hp of 6cyl fury :). If I can help anyone with turbo parts, v bands, dual seals, ect as we make them in house let me know