Now I know what happened so long ago..........

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I bought a Syclone in 2000 that had suffered from a severe engine fire at 48,000 miles. I bought it without the engine, but there were a bunch of components in the seller's garage that had come off the truck. One of the parts was the alternator which the front frame was completely melted away. I surmised that this failure dropped molten aluminum on the power steering hoses, the hose ruptured, and the PS fluid ignited on the manifold or another ignition source.

I local guy that I work on his Sy sent me this pic that he found online. It looks like a Sy engine fuel rail, but not sure. Notice the aluminum frame is already melted. But what is causing the rotor to glow red-hot???!!!

I don't see how this can even happen. But it can. And now I know what happened to #1230 23 years ago......

Alternator Burn-Up.jpg
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I have never seen that before! Crazy! I had a alternator Wheel fly off and truck overheated but never that.

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Could that pic be a photo shop?

Although, I know what I saw in the guy's garage that my burned up Sy came from. The alternator front housing had melted away. The fire began and was most intense on the driver side which is where the alternator is, and the steering hoses are directly under it. You can see in the pic that the pulley is tilted downwards, the front housing is melting. Aluminum melts at 1220 deg F.