Ostrich Battery Replacement


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Went to start the ty after it sat all winter last year and it ran weird. Seemed to like starting/idling, and would rev- but hesitated, popped a bit...and felt gutless

Downloaded the tune and it was jumbled. Thought maybe I had the wrong def file, but didnt understand how. I found an old tune on my laptop, uploaded it while it was running and poof, she ran great. I took it to the e85 station and drove it around and man it drove good. Next day it ran bad again, so I uploaded the same old tune back on and it once again ran great.

So I took my ostrich apart and found that

1. There was a battery in there
2. It was reading 200mV instead of the 3ish it says it needs.
3. Battery says BR2330A on it

Went to a local battery store and all they had were these CR2330's that they assured me were the same other than the BR might last longer. I told him I needed it to last me the rest of my life and left.

I was going to buy one off the randowebs but found that Moates sells them with the correct little feet already welded onto them for like 3 dollars so I bought one http://www.moates.net/battery-for-qhost2rrdemon1-p-200.html


I didnt have a solder sucker, and I dared not to put so much heat into this board as to be able to use a wicking braid. I cut the bracket closest to the edge of the board with some snips, and then fatigue wiggled the inner board foot until it broke off.

I hung the board slightly by grabbing the remanence of the feet with a pair of pliers and lifting it off the bench. I used a soldering iron to apply heat to the remains of the pins going through the board until the solder melted, and the board fell away from the clamped pin. I did this with a really hot Iron, and it happened fast.

what it looks like with no battery, holes circled

The board holes were still clogged with solder. I took the new battery and set it against the board with its feet sitting on the solder clogged holes, clamping it into place with my hand. I heated the backside of the holes, teetertottering the battery in one foot at a time.


It appeared I needed to add a touch of solder to the - (innerpost) so I did.




Not to scale
thanks, its my first one in years. Also, I def put it in the wrong section (currently in chassis/electrical)