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Anyone have a recommendation on a bleeder that would work well for one person. I have a pump for the bleeder valves, but would rather not do it this way. It's pretty obvious that the fluid has never been changed and it's filthy. I have a suspicion that the master cylinder may be on it's way out as well, but wanted to give a fresh fluid change a try first.


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I wanted to do this myself but I found that I could only power bleed the front calipers. The rear wheel cylinders I couldn't open and pull vacuum at the same time. There wasn't enough room if I recall. I ended up having a buddy come over and pump the brakes the old fashioned way.


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I've had reasonable luck with speed bleeders and an HF vacuum bleed kit.
I think having someone pump the brakes manually would have been lots faster.

Note - if you still have the ABS, you'll want to find someone with a Tech1 to run the ABS module through a bleed cycle. They get full of air on most brake service operations.

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I purchased a Motive pressure bleeder a few years ago for the Cayenne and two 911s I take car of for their owners. I've since purchased adapters for several other cars including the 2nd Gen master cyl that is on my Ty, a universal for the ZR-1, and a Ford for the Super Duty. After 50 years of the pump-up and release, I wonder why I waited so long to get a Motive.

As far as bleeding the ABS, the most important thing is to open the side valves on the ABS while bleeding normally. These are brass-colored 10mm hex in about the middle on the inboard and outboard sides. Crack them open about a 1/2 turn, and bleed at the wheels, normally. If you suspect that air is trapped in the ABS (mushy pedal) after there is no air at the wheels: Close the bypass valves. Sit in the seat and apply the brakes with moderate foot pressure. Turn the key to RUN. Jump ALDL terminals A and H, after a couple of seconds, the ABS will cycle, the motor will run. Remove the jumper for a few seconds, jump A and H again. Do this 3-4 times, but don't release the foot pressure. It is best if you can now have a helper open a bleeder at one front, and one rear wheel without ever releasing the pedal. This will move any air that was evacuated out of the ABS far enough down-stream that it will not get back into the ABS. Release the pedal, and bleed a few cycles at each wheel normally. If you don't have a helper, it may take a couple of tries to get the air out of the ABS. You don't need a Tech-1. Just the jumper and your foot. And knowing about opening the bypasses on the side.
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I also use a Motive pressure bleeder. Haven't used it on the Ty, but I have on lots of other stuff, and it has been great.