Rebuilding 4472 transfer case

George Blake

(Link removed, site no longer exists)

Start at #1, follow it all the way to the end. Lube all seals with transgel or vasoline or transmission fluid. Dexron III is the fluid to use in this case. Clean EVERYTHING. You'll need the impact and a gloved hand to get the pinion nut off. Retorque at 90 pounds. Case half bolts are 15mm. Torque all bolts that go into the aluminum case to 35 foot pounds. Use a thin bead of black rtv on all case sealing surfaces. This is an easy case. There are over 100 pictures. If you still don't understand this case after have over 100 step by step pics, you need to take it to have it professionally serviced.
This case uses a one blue link back chain.
Again, clean the gunk from the output shaft, planetary, bearing in the output shaft, lube hole in the output shaft, lube holes in the input shaft if reusing the old one, and get ALL of the crud out of the ring gear that the output shaft is snap ringed to. Failure to remove this stuff WILL result in bearing or planetary failure due to lube starvation and friction (like 320 grit sand paper on all surfaces).
One last little thing to note, if you let ANY fluid run out of this case, you will mess up the planetary. There is a little scoop on the OUTPUT shaft that looks like an ice cream scoop. This must be able to readily dig into the fluid. If you let it run low, there will be NO fluid being scooped up to run to the planetary. If you break a planet and the gear binds, it will take out EVERYTHING in the center of the case.
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Re: Rebuilding 4472 transfer case

The pics would be awesome to have for when I rebuild mine. :tup:


Re: Rebuilding 4472 transfer case

All I saw was in the origanal post was "shaft" and "lube"

So i figured this was a Kentuckiana deal. (Jeff,Jeremy,Mike,Mike,Big Willie,ect)



Re: Rebuilding 4472 transfer case

Thanks for the pictures. My t-case is now waiting to replace bearings, but there's some problems with it. First: how to remove bearing in picture #63 ???


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Re: Rebuilding 4472 transfer case

Thanks for the pictures. My t-case is now waiting to replace bearings, but there's some problems with it. First: how to remove bearing in picture #63 ???
Thanks for posting these Wade, I had the original link saved in my favorites, but as you all know it is now a dead link.
As for the bearing in pic 63 I suspect you need to use a bearing spreader and puller see link below. This is just a pic of one I found on the www, they are not all that long or that elaborate, but you get the idea how they work from it. A two or three legged puller might work with the right legs, dont know! not done it yet. I'm sure something can be improvised if thought about and done carefully. A bit of gentle heat on the bearing while pulling them off usually helps as long as you don't give it time to transfer to the shaft.


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Re: Rebuilding 4472 transfer case

Part numbers for the 3 outside seals I used today.
National 714503
national 710441
national 710062

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Re: Rebuilding 4472 transfer case

This thread is the tech articles section, please take the chit chat and comments to PM. Thank you.


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Re: Rebuilding 4472 transfer case

Does someone have these pics? I'm getting ready to pull my case apart and would like to have them to fall back on..


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