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theres a couple scammers going around tring to sell you stuff, they go straight to your email, not to yiur post. 1 is tomrandy856, and the other rolandjimmy01, mostly working on the wanted post. be aware.

Dan B

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What a bunch of dickheads, they just got booted from the turbo Buick board for the same crap.


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there's 2 more going by the name of Terry Riebe and Damson Hyatt, same scams. watch out people, be aware, they're only taking payment on Zelle or Venmo, which is not safe.


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Yes, I have received a few as well saying to look at a post for parts that someone has for sale in the past. They give a user name, but when you search the user they don't exist.


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Had one almost get me recently - I posted a WTB ad and had somebody contact me saying they knew somebody else with those parts and to email them. Took a chance and did it, guy sent me pictures of exactly what I was looking for. Was about to send money until he insisted on friends and family payment, "my word is my bond" bullshit.

Couple days later I got the same exact PM from a different account. Closest I've ever been to getting taken lol