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I am curious of when the search function will work again. I am looking for some 20g info as well as other items, and I can not access it. Sorry to bother, but any assistance would be appreciated.


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I've been trying to get the search to work for the past month. so far the host company is blaming Vbulletin and Vbulletin is blaming the host. I'm almost at a loss to know what to do. If we go back to the old version of VB i'm afraid that we'll loose some new posts.


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loosing some new post vs not being able to find info is really not a big deal to most users of this site just my .02


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Curious, can you take it back to the way it was? I think losing a few posts VS being able to get the site features back is well worth it


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Just an FYI... the search function works when I search from my iPhone.

Outside of that I have just been using google.... example.. 20g turbo

hope this helps