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I'm getting the same thing. I changed my setting to show posts in threads "newest first" so I can see the new posts.

Not sure if this is a settings problem or if it is a problem with

If it says the last post of a thread was made today, but if I click on a long thread to go to that last post it takes me to a post in 2015.
For example if I go here: Post a pic of your truck taken today
The last page of the thread is showing me 2015. I don't get anything more recent.


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i had to open a ticket with vbulletin.. they haven't given me any update yet, and frankly i'm about to revert back to the old version if they don't fix it soon.


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I definitely like the old version better than this one. With the decrease of activity on this board now, I think having a search feature that works and all the old information easily obtainable is a better idea