Syclone plastic headliner fit


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I had already repaired my original headliner but made the mistake of using permatex spray adhesive, it didn’t hold and after a year it sagged again, the foam was broken on several places so I decided to get the “solid plastic backed” headliner.
So I’m now sharing my experience with the solid plastic headliner I just purchased and installed, be aware it is not an exact fit, the shape is somewhat bigger and the rear corners have to be “held up” with velcros (included), the center is held by the interior dome lamp but you still end up with the sides hanging quite a bit below the rear glass, so not the best upgrade.


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Think you could glue magnets to the backside so it would hold up better? The new Mustangs use really strong round magnets in several places to hold the headliner up, it was kinda freaky the first time I pulled one down.