Syclone Seat Belts


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Anyone know a reputable site that sells seat belts that will work for a Syclone?I would really rather not get a set of used ones if possible, as the last set I got were junk. Mine are in real bad shape. Thanks

DaveP's Ghost

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I am almost positive that 1st Gen 4-door S Blazer has the same seat belt / retractors as Syclone. (I used to know for sure, but it has been a long time, and I no longer own a 4-door to take a look at to confirm.)

There are a couple of different height buckle ends. Again, IIRC the pick-ups have the taller / longer inner buckle, and the utilities have the shorter.

Black is another hurdle as 4-doors predominantly had tan and gray interiors.

Not much help, but another possibility.