Todd Austinson 10 in 1 chip

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Ok. The push switch has a little circuit board on one side. The ribbon cable is soldered to that board(?). In the pics below, it shows the orientation of switch and the ribbon cable. With the board on your desk, wires toward you, the colors left to right: Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green.

Another orientation: With the buttons and number wheel facing you, numbers right side up: The connections are on the Left side, rear. Green wire is at the TOP.




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Can you tell which wire is 1,2,4 8,10 on the switcher? If brown is 1 then I can figure the rest out and if brown is 10 then I can figure it out as well. Just can't remember if brown or purple was my main wire. Also, so you have resistors in line? Mine was wired with 400 ohm resistors in each slot, all going to the common ground.