Walgreens Instant Cold Pack Ammonium Nitrate
It;s used for cold weather starting of gasoline engines. .. 1/4 – 3/8 cup ammonium nitrate crystals (nh4no3– an) o i use the crystals from the inside of instant ice compresses from the dollar general o costs about $6 for the 4- pack .. cooking guidelines only go and buy a box of walact cough and cold from walgreens.

december 4

dimetapp childrens cold and cough, 8oz, pack of 2 (300312234194) related: ice brix, instant cold pack, cold pack corn, walgreens cold pack, more».

28 aug 2009 store bought ammonium nitrate (from instant cold packs at your local walgreens) can be dissolved in the golden water while its in the ceramic.

8 mar 2006 hard to get ammonium nitrate… who can tell me how to get it? you can get ammonium nitrate out of one of those instant cold packs you get at . if your absolutly hooked on nirtious oxide go to walgreens or somtin buy a can.
Some instant cold packs and instant heat packs use chemicals that upon . this is from a walgreen;s brand to compete with pediasure;s brand electrolytes. pour in . round up these four compounds: ammonium chloride (nh4cl), potassium.  

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