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  • O.K. Don it is that time of the year " HAPPY BIRTHDAY " There is one thing I forgot to tell you, you don't have to count the years that you were sick!
    Have a good day.
    Hey Don, you made it another year, at this rate you are going to catch me in about 6 years. Have a good one and many more.
    Hey Don. you made it into the 70 club, now you are a old fart like me, 76 in may. happy birthday and many more.
    Another year, the way you are going you will catch me very soon, have a good one.

    Your buddy Ray ( 74 ) years young
    happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you , happy birthday dear Don, happy birthday to you. (67) WOW
    Have a good one.
    Hello Don, I was reading the post you posted about stumbling. My truck stumbles when the accelerator is pressed aggressively only. No matter what speed I'm going it stumbles. I have changed the fuel filter and wires with no improvement. The truck now turns over during starting too long for me. It used to start instantly but now its intermittent. Once the truck stumbles and clears up it fly's at full throttle. I do have detonation but I think its a false reading with the fuel lines hitting the trans tunnel.
    Just would like your opinion on my systems.

    Thank you
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