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  • Hi George,was wondering if you had any of those shifter cable left,I just broke mine the other day.feel free to email me at,JULIAN
    Hi George

    I need to rebuild a pre-GM rebuild tranny that was on my Sy. I just dont know exactly
    which parts are neccesary for it too last. It broke the shell, thats why it has been changed.
    But I need to rebuild the damaged one for one that lasts.

    I dont do strips, but do like to do some green light races.
    It almost standard but maybe has 350HP...

    Allan from Denmark, Europe
    George I found the problem. The splines on my trans case are bigger than the out put on my 400 did you change it?
    Iam trying to get hold of a new shifter cable for my stock truck and it has proven to be damn near impossible? The GM dealer wants 275.00! Do you offer a stock cable replacement, or only cables for the conversions? Thanks
    Hey George, just seeing if you sent out that cable yet? I really need it because I've been without a daily driver for almost two weeks now and it's really killing everything I do.

    George.... this is Cyndi Wilkinson... Bob Wilkinsons wife in Galloway Ohio.... Bob has had 2 strokes since June and is paralyzed on the right side....we need to sell both the sy and the ty very quickley for Bob's care... both are in fair condition with a little rust around the edges... the typhoon had something wrong with the collom as I drove it to Wallmarts a couple of months ago and when I tried to start it it wouldn't start at all.... I tried to get it jumped but that didn't work....sooo I had to have it towed... the tow truck driver said it was the collom..... the syclone probably know more about these cars than I do... but we need to sell them fast and spend down the money before going on medicaid...and I am willing to negotiate for an obscene low price compared to what Kelly blue book says....
    so put the word out for us will you?
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